Frequently Asked Questions

ShaanStack is platform where you can browse the theme, select you favorite theme and get online with it seamlessly. We charge a nominal fee of $19 per month and provide premium theme, high quality hosting, SSL certificate, speed optimization and monthly support.

Yes. Hosting is included with impressive uptime and uninterrupted services.

Yes, you can. We share the step by step guide to update text, images, videos etc once you buy the plan from us. Still facing issues, just raise a ticket and we will assist you with it. You can also get it done by paying a small fee.

You can buy domain name from any domain registrar like GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc, and point it to our servers when you join our club. Our support team will be there to assist you in every step.

We charge a fixed fee of $19 per month and provide access to all our services and tools, no hidden charges what so ever. For custom website development, please click here.

Questions about Markety Services

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