We do not provide or sell any data in any form
SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Email Marketing services strictly allows only permission-based email marketing. We do not allow SPAMMING un-solicited emails under any circumstances. Our customers are required to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy as well as relevant laws on Legal use of email marketing. Since there are no specific laws in India, we follow the US CAN-SPAM ACT regulations for email marketing.

The Customer agrees to apply all reasonable means to prevent the spam generation and to respect good practices in terms of e-mailing and to comply with SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD’s Anti-Spam Policy.

SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD reserves the right to block or delay certain emails to prevent damage to its future overall capacity and to ensure the receipt of mails sent by its intermediary. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure this capacity of the SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD service with preliminary testing. You should download and keep a copy for yourself.

Data Protection and Confidentiality SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD agrees to employ all reasonable means to protect the confidentiality of data sent by the Customer. The reasonable means for data protection is state of the art for civil mass electronic communication, and may evolve with the progress of technology. SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD will not sell Customer data. Unless specifically authorized by the Customer, SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD does not keep nominative data of the Customers’ recipients nor data sent by the Customer, except for purposes of quality of service, and this data is kept only for up to one month. SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD may keep a list of unsubscribed addresses and addresses that submitted spam reports and the customer may request this list to be destroyed at any time. SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD maintains data for billing and analytics purposes. SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD does keep company information of the Customer for the purpose of billing and contacting the Customer. SHAANSTACK TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD does not sell this information. The Customer may request that this information be destroyed at any time.

We are committed to protect your privacy. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information and email address to any third parties for their promotional use without your advance permission or unless requested by a court order or a law enforcement agency. Information submitted to us is only available to employees for communicating with you, and to contracted service providers for purposes of providing services relating to our communication with you. By accepting and using our services, you confirm you have gone through the Terms and conditions and agree to them.

How To Contact Us
Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email at [email protected].