Digital Marketing

Digital Is No More Technology

Digital Is A Lifestyle!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers constantly shuttle across devices, touch-points, channels, and platforms. They are drawn to innovation, action, speed, and experience in this economy of “DIGITAL INNOVATION” demanding real-time satisfaction of their needs and wants. It is time now for brands to carve out their Digital Identity & emerge as 21st century digital disruptors that provide unforgettable experiences when and where consumers demand them.

Meet ShaanStack—the coolest marketing engagement agency for the digital world.
We understand the todays’ customers, and design where they’ll be tomorrow.

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A tour to our Digital Hub

We have a hub tailored for you to reinvent your business & evolve the 21st century digital disruptors.

Social Media Marketing

ShaanStack the pioneers of social media strategy & execution. We help you to reach where your customers are – ONLINE, with – Content Creation & Marketing, Creative Designing, Brand & Engagement Campaigns, Analytics & Insights & Online Reputation Management.

Brand Management

As brands evolve, so do their stories. We help clients find and define theirs. At ShaanStack we help you to shape your messages into something that would appeal to your target audience. In brief, we create brands that breathe life into thoughts.

E-mail Marketing

Sending an email sounds simple, yet sending an email that conveys your message successfully is a major test. We help you capture your readers’ attention. Having a team of creative minds, we at ShaanStack develop concept-based designs that will capture your readers’ attention instantly, thereby giving you a higher rate of leads, reader engagement and conversion.

Web and Social Analytics

Realize and measure the performance of your brand across several social networking mediums. With a more comprehensive tracking through the cross-channel analytics (Competitive Benchmarking, Social Analytics, Advertising Analytics), we construct an uninterrupted marketing flow which potentially maximizes the impressions on customers.

SEO & Content Optimization

Let people find you faster. SEO is the most important weapon needed to survive today’s internet crazy world. With proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Indexation, keywords and content optimization to improve ranking and revenue), we boost your traffic and fetch in new customers the online way.

Customer Experience Design

Evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing the essence of the brand to develop holistic and strategic thinking. Our sole commitment is to help you build a connected brand while achieving your marketing objectives and driving ROI.