We Build, Support, Update & Maintain

There are adjustments to everything. Leave the Maintenance work to us, so there’s no adjustment for your Core Business!

At ShaanStack, we provide 360-degree maintenance to your business with 3 maintenance stacks.

Server Maintenance & Support Stack

Your server requires consistent support and tuning to perform the business at its best. At ShaanStack, we screen, secure and tune your servers.

We act as a detective to monitor your server 24 X 7. We solidify your server security to detect the slightest of problem in your server which notify us and our geeky engineers get into action to resolve it.

We truly believe that having a Disaster recovery plan is as vital as running your server or applications. Rest guaranteed that our group dependably takes Point-in-Time Backups of server, application and database. In case of any catastrophic events, we can promptly pull from our backups and be back online right away.

Our Server Maintenance and Support Stack include:

Application Maintenance & Support Stack

In today’s 24/7 business environment, it is critical to align business strategy with well-crafted application maintenance strategies. Our application maintenance services are crafted for today’s agile enterprises. We help you eliminate downtime, align with latest industry trends and maximize benefits of critical applications.

We go through a detailed application maintenance process which includes: Service Level Agreement (SLA), Asset and knowledge transfer, Architecture & environment setup, Work execution, Verification and validation, Deployment Review and continuous improvement.

Our App Maintenance and Support Stack include:

Website Maintenance & Support Stack

The results of an unattended and unmaintained site can be extensive. A portion of the normal perils that exist are – Down Time, Security Risks, Outdated Information, Old Technology. At ShaanStack we provide round the clock website maintenance & support with latest technologies and tools to keep you abreast with the web-presentation trends.

Our Website Maintenance and Support Stack include:

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